for a month and a half I've been here waiting for u guys I miss seeing you guys here miss talking to ya'll too so pls comeback to this chat it hurts to be alone so I ask pls rejoin me on this chat its been almost 2 months since Ive seen most of u u probably won't get this and I don't expect u guys to comply ill always be here 4 u guys even through the pain im in heh sometimes I wonder why am I alone and why did I waste my time creating a wiki with a chat why do I even try to live up to the words of my promises when I break em. im sorry that I may be a problem I know that I was a total ass but pls forgive me I have changed along time ago in the silence of 2 months alone and sad it was enough time to reflect on what I have been doing and what I fucked up so I ask forgive me.

~~The True Wolf Pack~~