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Welcome to the Wiki

Welcome to the wiki! We’re a collaborative community website about your topic that anyone, including you, I hope you enjoy our Chat and the Wiki page this is a friendly Wiki so lets not get hostile shall we I know the name is WarLord but it's merely a name I hope you enjoy and see ya in chat

~~The True Wolf Pack~~


I am the Leader of this chat and I am here to tell you of the rules of my Wiki

1. Cussing is allowed

2. spamming isn't allowed

3.pls don't insult people which also means no Racism

4.make sure people who join the chat feel welcomed omly if they were invited by a fellow mod

5. don't argue with the chat mods

6. Caps are allowed

   there is a major rule I decided to added we will not hire anymore Admins/ chat mods so don't even ask

Chat Mod Rules

These are the rules of the Chat mods

1. don't abuse ur powers which means you can only kick people if it is necessary or TTWP tells u so - Don't just allow someone to insult someone put a stop to the bullies.

2. if Any of ur fellow Mods tell u not to do something don't do it 3. follow the rules above

Have fun!

                                       ~~The True Wolf Pack~~